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About Us

We are united in our dedication to everyone's rights

Serving Adults with Developmental Disabilities for over 65 years.

Roy Skeen, Charles Gerber, Don Keohane and Elmer Gross founded the Macoupin Center for the Developmentally Disabled. The Center was first located at the Girl Scout Little House – 721 East 2nd Street in Carlinville, IL and since has made two moves before opening the doors at our current location in 1983. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a safe, empowering atmosphere for our students to learn and grow. At MCDD, the students participate in academic lessons that include math, science, language, reading, history, and more. They learn life skills, social skills, and job skills. We strive to help our individuals become as independent as possible, while also giving them a place to feel like they belong.

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We Facilitate Growth and Learning

MCDD truly believes that independence and a sense of belonging are the two most important things we offer our students. By continuing to expand the academic knowledge, progress social skills, and develop life skills, MCDD is able to help foster independence in the lives of developmentally disabled adults. We have created a very nurturing and fun learning environment for our students to study and feel welcome. A sense of belonging is a basic human need, and the Center is able to provide that for students by treating each and every individual the same and with compassion.

At MCDD we believe that by continuing our students’ academic cognizance we are helping keep them engaged and retaining their cognitive function. Our students have access to multitudes of learning materials at the center. It is hard for developmentally disabled adults to retain information that isn’t being used, this is why we place a high importance on keeping our students engaged.

Social skills make up a large part of being independent and feeling included. At MCDD, the students regularly have lessons on table manners, being polite, appropriate conversation and much more. The students utilize these skills regularly during field trips and in their daily activities at the Center.

At MCDD, we teach our students about hygiene, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, keeping track of spending/ receiving money, healthy eating habits, and exercise. By gaining these valuable life skills, the students are much better equipped for life in society.

— Our Mission

To make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of developmentally disabled adults by providing an empowering environment built on education, compassion and dignity.

— Our Vision

MCDD strives to help all adults with developmental disabilities retain and expand their social, life, and academic skills. Our goal is to create awareness for the developmentally disabled community and give them all a place to feel like they belong while also giving them all the skills necessary to integrate into their communities.

— Our Story

The Macoupin Center for the Developmentally Disabled is dedicated to helping adults with disabilities find a sense of belonging and providing them with an education that continues past high school to serve them in all their endeavors throughout their adult life.

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