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These are the heroes with the passion to transform their communities!

Join Us!

Volunteers truly are the backbone of MCDD. We have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people throughout the years who have made a huge impact on both staff and students’ lives. Volunteers make many of the events we offer possible. Mini Olympics, Camp Goodtimes, and Prom are all executed mainly by volunteers. These events are huge for many adults with disabilities from all over Illinois. They enjoy getting to see friends that they wouldn’t otherwise get to connect with. We are forever grateful for the many volunteers that have come into our lives and for those that continue to be a part of all the wonderful things MCDD has to offer. We love having volunteers for special events, fundraisers, holiday parties, field trips, and even just our everyday activities here at the center!

If you would like to join us at MCDD as a volunteer, please feel free to stop by, call us, or send us an email!

We love meeting new people and making new friends!

Click here to contact us about volunteering today!

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Please support us and help change the course of a life today. Donating online is safe and easy to do, just click on the donate button below.